Sunday, April 12, 2009

About me.

Hi! This is to introduce myself as a new blogger.I ,Satish Ashtaputre,aged 44 years old,staying in suburban Mumbai for past 40 years. I am quite concerned about the state of affairs in India.When I see this country vis-a-vis the other developed nations , the difference is felt sharply.So,now I have decided to write a column on this blog regularly so as to highlight the issues concerning the society as a whole.


The most hot topic being discussed now is the Loksabha elections throughout India.This time there seems to be no major issue on which the elections are fought except one that the voter turnout is a matter of concern for everyone. Why it should become an issue for every single political party that voters are not coming to polling booths to exercise their franchise? Has any party introspected on this and asked questions to itself that why it is happening now. Why people have lost interest in the election process & ultimately the netas? People don't see any point in wasting their time & of course the vote on anybody. The government at the centre is consisting of 24-27-30 odd parties in the name of coalition,alliance,front etc.etc.The common man is unable to understand the logic behind this,also as it is he/she has a right to vote for the respective candidate & not for the would-be government or its Prime Minister.So ,what is the point in voting if the political circus or drama is going to continue as before? These are the general perceptions of general public. Now; the local issues like Bijlee,Sadak & pani (BSP , not Mayawati's) remain almost the same everywhere that can be handled easily by any local leader irrespective of the party . The candidate has to show something special to its electorate something like U.S.P. (Unique Selling Proposition) in the business marketing jargon. This looks to be the difficult issue for a candidate as keeping promises after the elections is also a contentious issue. So,this makes up the election process more tedious as both i.e. Candidates contesting the elections & their constituent voters are not sure about each other. This calls for major reforms in the entire election process in the country without which it looks difficult for the voters to turnaround in good numbers.. Another point that comes to my mind is this : Why don't we try like asking for a assurance from the winning candidate that he/she would keep rather fulfil the promises made during campaigning & not let their voters down for the next 5 years. No,no,no not like verbal promises made hitherto,but in the form of a clear bank guarantee of a sizeable amount that can be encashed by the election commission if the promises made are not kept. This would definitely deter the non-serious candidate from contesing the elections & only geniune people would come in the fray.